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About Me


My name is Jashimbra, a.k.a. Chef J. LeAnn! 

I am the CEO and Founder of J. LeAnn's Cooking Experience, LLC.

I am a classically trained chef and I have seven-plus years and counting of culinary experience!

I am making my way through the culinary scene one day at a time, and while I journey through, I want to share my growing knowledge with you!

I have my own series of cookbooks, that include recipes I have come up with and knowledge that I have gained over-time.

As I grow, so will you!

Thank you all for joining the journey, and I hope you partake in this amazing experience!


Blog Posts

Other Services and Products are coming this Summer 2024!
Hey Cook-ies!We are excited to announce the new products that are coming your way this Summer 2024!We look forward to:The start of a new cookbook series!One-on-One Professional Cooking Help with Chef J. LeAnn!Wide Range of Online Cooking Courses!We a...
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Cooking Courses Are on the Way!!!
Hey COOK-ies!!We are so excited to announce that we will soon be offering a number of services, one of them being cooking courses!! While we are under the final stages of development, we will be offering other services as well!We will share more of t...
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Getting Ready For March!
Hey Cook-ies!March is coming, and we have some exciting things coming as well!St. Patrick's Day and Easter Deals are coming, as well as fun new recipes and ideas for the holidays! We look forward to sharing this with all of you!If you want access to ...
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New Products Coming Soon! Plus Updates!
Hello everyone!We are currently working on a better marketing plan to get our updates and content to you in a better fashion. In the meantime, please bear with us as we work out these kinks!We are getting a couple new face lifts, as well as some new ...
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Our plans for the New Year!
Hey there Cook-ies!We wanted to inform you all of our newest updates coming to our business!Here is our project rollout for this year, 2024! (Dates are still being worked out.)3 new cookbook releases!Culinary Consulting (for new and small culinary bu...
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Paperbacks are coming in 2024!
Hey Cookies!We are so excited to share that paperback versions of our books are coming in 2024!We are going to keep you all posted as we get ready for these books to launch. We are also beginning the process of developing new books and other products...
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Hello Cookies!We are very sorry for out short hiatus!We are preparing, developing, and creating new projects, products, and other things in preparation for the 2024 year!On that note, we hope you and yours has a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Y...
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JLCE's 2023 Fall Raffle Winner!
Hello Everyone!We are excited to announce the winner of our first annual Fall Raffle!Follow our Instagram to see our first ever fall raffle winner!The winner was autogenerated.Thank you all for your participation!But don't let this stop you from beco...
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Our First Fall Raffle!
Hello everyone!We are excited to announce that we are having our first Fall Raffle this month!To enter, all you have to do is go to our main store page and click on the "Become a "Cookie"" tab. Follow the link and continue from there.The winner of ou...
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Hey There Cookies!We are excited to announce that our cookbooks are now AVAILABLE in eBook format!We are so excited that our books are available for purchase. Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about our cookies who want a physical copy in hand!Paperb...
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New Mailing List Sign Up!
Hey there Cookies!We wanted to let you all know that our mailing list is coming in the next few days! We will let you all know when this is effective of course so don't worry.Our mailing list is going to be just for our "cookies" who would love to be...
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More Exciting News!
Hello everyone!This is a post to let all you know that if you have seen our latest updates to the store, you will see that the covers of our books have gotten a beautiful facelift!So many changes are taking place in our business and we are so excited...
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New Website Name Coming Soon!
As you all may know,Our business is in the process of getting a major face lift!With all of our new upgrades we want everyone to be aware that our site will have its own official name, but will still be powered by Payhip! We look forward to these new...
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Cookbook Relaunch Trailer!
Thank you all for your support and your patience as we make better content and better products for our customers!Be on the lookout for other products which are currently in the works!Thank you,~JLCE, LLC/
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Hello Everyone!We are happy to announce that our cookbooks will finally be available for sale soon!Stay posted and tuned in, because we will be doing a relaunch sale with explosive deals coming soon!Sooner than you think, actually.Continue to follow ...
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All Books Are No Longer Available on AMAZON!
Hello everyone!This is just another update to inform you all that our books are no longer available on Amazon! We are beginning the process of switching to another publisher in the coming weeks and months to give you all a greater cooking experience!...
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This is a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT!!!ALL OF OUR BOOKS (eBook and Paperback,) ARE CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK DUE TO MAINTENACE!!We are redesigning our books and creating better versions of them to ensure you get the best experience possible!!Be sure to follow ou...
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Follow Our Blog!
Our website is officially back!To keep up with us, and get more food knowledge,Follow our blog at!Thank you all for following the experience!
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GET READY FOR BLACK FRIDAY!!ALL PAPERBACKS will be $5.00 USD!!ALL eBOOKS will be $2.99 USD!!Get yours now or wait until November 25th!Maybe this sale will never stop...GET YOUR COOKBOOKS NOW!!~JLCE, LLC
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Have You Seen Us?
Hey everyone!Make sure you catch Chef J. LeAnn on YouTube! Watch reactions, cooking tips, and more! Also make sure you get your copies of all three cookbooks today!
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